Higher English Poetry

Poetry refers to a style of writing that employs various techniques of sound (rhyme schemes and rhythm) as well as structure (verses or stanzas) to convey a range of different meanings.

In your exam, you will be able to answer one question on poetry, and have 45 minutes to do so. The best answers will be the ones that understand the key themes of the poem, as well as the recurring ideas. Poems are generally shorter than prose texts, and so the actual content is smaller. However, the range of ideas that a poet may touch upon is great. Learning the different poetic techniques will help to develop your answer, and to give you a sense of how and why a poet is able to create rich images, or powerful messages.

All of our poems are arranged by author. At the moment, we have analysis of poems by the following writers:

Liz Lochhead

Norman MacCaig 

Edwin Morgan

We're still working on adding more, but in the meantime, if you'd like to request a poem, then click here or on the image to the right.